Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My Top Posts in 2015

I did not write a lot this year as I was a little bit busy working on my PhD. Believe me, I missed it so much, but you know time is so limited. I hope 2016 will be a great year full of more learning and thus more reflections to flourish my digital space. Before saying Goodbye to 2015, I just wanted to share some posts that were frequently viewed by my readers.

My selection is based on two criteria:
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  2. View Count
What makes a creative teacher?

I reflect on an article by Marisa Constantinides in which she recommends eight steps to become a more creative teacher.

140 characters that changed my life! 

It is a personal experience about Twitter; one of my favorite social media and how to get started as a newbie to develop yourself personally and professionally. 

Tips & Tricks: How to get books and articles for free? 

If you are a researcher, it is a highly recommended post in which I share some tips and tricks to get online books, articles, and studies for free.

Metacognition and reflection are NOT synonymous ...

I spent much time to understand the difference between metacognition and reflection. When I got it, I quickly wrote this post to tell myself what I have learned.

This post is highly recommended to anyone who wants to update his or her knowledge. You will find a lot of platforms that offer online courses for free in different fields. 

One of the most beautiful moments you have when viewing your posts is the sense of ownership. It makes you so proud of yourself as a learner as a person.

Wish you a promising year full of achievements!

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