Thursday, August 21, 2014

ThingLink Challenge e-Store and Showcase

In this post, I try to collect all the resources shared by Susan Oxnevad or suggested by other colleagues, and the products created by participants during the ThingLink Teacher Challenge 2014. This makes it easier for me to reach and reuse later. 

Tools for Creating Interactive Images:
Tools for Creating Digital Avatars:
Tools for Creating Original Images and Posters: 
Tools for Digging Deeper into Vocabulary:
  • instaGrok: An integrated search engine and learning tool.
  • VocabGrabber: A word cloud generator that allows users to sort words by content area and explore relationships through visual maps. 
  • Lexipedia: Create word webs and more. 
  • Lingro: A tool that turns any digital text into an interactive dictionary, useful for help with words in context and also for ESL students. The tool also translates words and allows students to build a word bank.  
  • Word Sift: A word cloud generator that helps students build their own definitions through the use of video and images. 
  • Shahi: It is a visual dictionary that combines Wiktionary content with Flickr images, and more. 
  • Word Hippo: A reference tool that provides definitions, pronunciations, antonyms, synonyms, rhyming words and words in context.
Tools for Creating Flipped Lessons:
Tools for Creating Screencasts or Videos:
Tools for Creating Podcasts and Audio Files:
Tools for Collecting Feedback:
Tools for Creating Collections and Curating Content:
TLChallenge Series of Activities:

TLChallenge Participants' Showcase:

    Transform Teaching & Learning with ThingLink Webinar:

    TLChallenge Participants' Reflections:

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