Saturday, August 21, 2010

Week 9: A New Experience Through Writing My Final Project Plan

Although this week seems a little bit quiet, we are asked to accomplish two difficult tasks. These tasks are related to our project plans. The first of them is to use our partners’ comments to improve our draft and then write the final version. To be frank, I’ve spent 3 days working on my plan. Actually, this is not the first time to do a research plan. But, what is new for me is reviewing my work by other peers. I’m lucky to have two wonderful partners “Juliet & Bostan” whose comments are of great value for me. Through this experience, I’ve found that my plan was seen from many perspectives with different eyes. This, of course, improves its quality.

Sometimes, you feel that your work is perfect and needs nothing. This is what happened with me this week. When I finished my plan, I thought that it doesn’t need more work. But, what surprises me after receiving my partners’ comments is that some words may change my way and open other windows that were blocked when working individually. These words were enough for me to rethink of my plan and making it more specific.

One more interesting thing is that my partners provided me not only some criticisms but also some praises that helped me keep polishing my plan to make it more perfect. This reminds me with the “Feedback Sandwich”. 

As teachers, we should put three stages in mind when giving feedback to students. First, we should praise their work, then introduce criticism . At the end, we should praise them again to urge them to keep improving their weaknesses. Thanks Juliet and Bostan for your valuable comments.

If you want to view my project plan, you can find it on our wiki page:

The second task that is related to my project plan is to fill out a self-evaluation form and send it to Deborah. For me, it is a very difficult task. To evaluate your plan needs to forget that this plan is yours. As you know this is against our human nature. Most of us think highly of the work we are asked to do. However, I’m open for more comments. Now, I’m waiting for my instructor Deborah’s feedback and suggestions and I’m ready to modify my plan again according to them.

At last, I want to send a very Big Thank You to all my colleagues for their wonderful project plans and reports. I think that I have now a variety of technological ideas from which I can select what is suitable for my students and available resources in my school. 

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