Sunday, August 1, 2010

Week 6: How Tiring is the Task of Creating An Interactive PowerPoint Presentation? …. But … I will not stop ….. It is the Beginning!

Sometimes, we think that we know everything about something, but suddenly we realize that we have nothing about it. Sometimes, we look at a certain topic from one perspective although it is a multi-one. This is what happened to me this week. I thought that I’m good at creating PowerPoint presentations and know all its tricks and potentials. But, this week with its valuable resources provided by my dear instructor Deborah and delicious thoughts suggested by my colleagues provides me with many techniques and features that help me to create interactive PowerPoint presentations. I’m not going to repeat my self as I’ve talked about them in my previous post. I’m just going to share my new experience with my colleagues.

First, I’ve viewed Deborah’s interactive PowerPoint presentation and interactive PowerPoint Tutorial Video. Actually, they are very beneficial for me as they present all ways that can make me an interactive teacher. Also, my colleagues’ PP presentations were very helpful as I was creating mine. 

One more helpful and powerful aid that gave me a hand is my friend called the “Internet”, especially “YOUTUBE” website. It is marvelous. Whenever I need to create an application related to technology, I use “YOUTUBE”. It gives me a real and authentic experience. I’ve downloaded many videos to choose from. What surprised me is that I found a video with the similar idea in my mind. I used the same idea of this video and then I elaborated it to involve more than one technique of interactivity. Here is the link. I wish you happy watching:

Reaching a suitable idea is not the end, but it is the beginning of a long way. Selecting colors for example is not an easy job as they have a very deep effect on people. However, I managed to select suitable colors and backgrounds for the topic. Also, I managed to select simple and familiar words that suit my students’ levels. Choosing sounds also need some effort, because overuse of sounds will distract students’ attention and then they would be useless. The number of words in each slide is important if I want to create an effective PP show. I think I didn’t use a lot of information, but crucial. Of course, there are many other features that I don’t know, but I will discover them through using and creating other PP presentations. 
If you like to see my interactive PowerPoint presentation, you can visit our Wiki page or click the following link: My PP presentaion's title is "Azhar's Interactive PowerPoint Presentation". Any way, I liked this experience very much although I spent more time and effort creating it, however, I promise I will not stop … it is the beginning! 

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