Saturday, August 14, 2010

Week 8: How Amazing is Creating My Class Site By Google Sites?

This week is the most tiring in my life mentally and physically. Mentally, as I’m about to get crazy because of Deborah’s magical tools and physically as I suffer from a severe flu. To complete sufferings, I’ve decided to create a class site by Google Sites from scratch. As I always like challenges, I’ve chosen to start my class site form a Blank Template. Of course, this is not an easy job. To have a space and fill it needs more time, efforts and creativity. At first, I’ve faced many problems of how to begin, how to add, how to change, how to delete, …. how …. how … etc. As you know me whenever I start anything new related to technology, I turn to my friend YOUTUBE. It always helps me. I’ve downloaded two wonderful videos that explain how to create a website using Google Sites. Then, I’ve begun my exploration. Here are the videos:

Google Sites: Simple & secure group websites

Make a Web Site using Google's Sites Software 

The most important thing when creating your class site is not how to design it, but for which objective you design it. Knowing why creating this site is more important than knowing how. To have a tour in my site, please visit the following link: Here is the home page:

 I’ve tried other options for creating sites like Nicenet and Blogger. Both of them are very wonderful. Their utility is very obvious in our course. Also, I intend to use blogs with students to improve their writing and HOT skills. After exploring Google Sites, I’ve decided to use it to discuss what students have written in their blogs. I will make it a resource for both of us. I’m going to upload songs, videos, reading materials, puzzles, exercises, ..etc. I mean to be as a club for teaching English. Whenever students need something, they can find it there.

I think that students will like it as they have a role in building it. They can write, edit, comment, read, analyze, evaluate and create their own products. They can also add, upload, or delete files. I think they share me the same responsibility and of course this will lead to autonomy.


  1. Dear Azhar,
    Thanks onece more for that video. You are a really good teacher. You have helped me a lot. I was kind of disappointed because my students do not use the sites I create, but now that I see that it is really easy to create a google site and that it is pretty useful for a teacher, I will create mine as soon as I can. I will share it with you when I get it.

  2. Dear Azhar:

    This week you made so many wonderful contribution. Your blog is always a help

    Thanks for sharing the video



  3. Dear Roxana & Hanan,

    Thanks so much for your kind words that encourage me all the time. As the course is a bout to end, I wonder if we can continue contacting and sharing ideas. This will be a marvelous experience.