I am Azhar Youssef; an EFL teacher who loves her students so much and tries hard to bring out the best in them. I believe that teachers have a great impact and touch on their students throughout their whole lives. That's why I always show them the best model of mine. It is not by words, but deeds that last so long. In addition, I am addicted to learning to update my knowledge and expertise, and connecting to other people to share ideas and create new things.  

This blog is my online space where I reflect upon my own experiences in teaching and e-learning, design lesson plans, create tutorials, and share tools, online conferences, webinars, online courses, MOOCs, and other open educational resources that help teachers make a difference in their classrooms.

To know more about my interests, achievements, and learning experiences, please explore the image below.

What Others are Saying:

  • It is great that you have such a strong presence online, so anyone who knows that side of you knows for sure that you are an incredibly hard-working, very dedicated and creative person ... Laura Gibbs
  • A great example of such achievement (using wikis) is the prize winning work of the Egyptian educator Azhar Youssef and her students. This was a project started by this teacher and her students after the political turmoil in Egypt. The goal of this collaborative project was to invite tourists to go back to visit Egypt and its amazing tourist attractions ... Jose Antonio da Silva and Maria Ines Saboya
  • Azhar and her students faced the problem of limited Internet access.  However, Azhar’s enthusiasm for the project and sincere desire to transmit her knowledge to her students brought out the best in them ... Microsoft News in Middle East
  • Azhar has excellent written and verbal communication skills. She is extremely organized, reliable and talented. Azhar can work independently and is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done. She accomplishes these tasks with great initiative and with a very positive attitude. She has a wonderful rapport with people working with her or under her command .. Hamid Ali
  • I do admire you for you  are so knowledgeable, so helpful, so full of energy, and you are always ready to help people and ready to learn at any time. You must be an AWESOME teacher. Your students are really lucky. By the way, my husband and I both agree that your English is as good as, or even better than native writers (We thought you were from UK, or US.) ... Carolina Wells