Tuesday, November 11, 2014

QuieTube: A Magical Tool to Watch Videos in Peace

Have you ever suffered from many distractions when watching videos? If you encounter this problem, QuieTube will bring you an amazing solution. It is a normal browser extension that can help you to remove all distractions by only a click. You will find your video in a blank page without any advertisements, side content, and comments. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Happening Now: Macmillan FREE Online Conference for 5 Days (Nov., 10 - 14, 2014)

The Macmillan Education Online Conference returns for a fourth year running, bringing teachers and educators FIVE days of talks to inspire their teaching and support their professional development.  

What I loved the most about this conference is that you can find a variety of talks that addresses all ages of learners: Adult, teenagers, and young. As I am teaching secondary school students, I am looking forward to Malcolm Mann's talk about teaching tips for teens, and Robert Campbell's talk about simple ways to bring technology into the classroom. I am also interested in Gabriel Diaz Maggioli's talk that is about how songs and music can help teachers boost students' expression in English. I tried songs with my students when teaching grammar and they loved this way so much. I'm excited to know more innovative ways to use songs in my EFL classrooms. 

Please, go to this website to register and download the full schedule.
Don't forget to tweet using  #MEOC2014.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Register for Google FREE Online Course "Basics for Teaching" Nov. 18 - Dec. 19, 2014

https://basicsforteaching.withgoogle.com/previewThanks my dear friend +Diana Samson for sharing this course. I'm a fan of Google free online courses, indeed. This time seems a little bit different because it deals with teaching using their technology. I'm so excited to see how they can employ technology to empower students and equip teachers with innovative ideas.  

What are you waiting for?