Thursday, August 26, 2010

Week 10: Dear Passengers, Please Fasten Your Seatbelts

We Are About To …….

I can’t believe that this wonderful journey is about to finish. As Arbi said “All beautiful things have an end.” Unlike all my colleagues, I’m not sad as the course is about to end. Please, don’t think that I’m a little bit tough or without emotions. No, I’m so sensitive. But, the reason behind my happiness is that I have a strong belief and hope of another beginning with another course involving the same smart colleagues. Another reason for my happiness is that we will not stop communicating with each other, sharing our experiences and writing on our blogs, wiki and Nicenet class site. Everything is open. There is no an end. I will not say “Good Bye”, but I will say “Let’s go on”. I think that by the end of such precious course, I will start doing many things that I’ve learned during these precious 10 weeks. Of course, I can’t count all the skills that I’ve developed and the experiences that I’ve acquired. All what I feel about this course is that it makes me open for everything new even if it seems impossible or a little bit imaginary. 

Dear MY Colleagues,

Thank you for every moment I spent with you!
Thank you for every idea I discussed with you!
Thank you for every experience you shared with me!
Thank you for every piece of information I gained from you!
Thank You ….... Thank You ..….. Thank You .….. All of You!

I’m so happy to have all these wonderful and smart colleagues in this short time. I will remember all of you. But, don’t forget me and promise me when I need you, please don’t ignore me. Your support and encouragement throughout this course provided me with a light inside me that can enlighten my new way. Your ideas, thoughts and experiences opened new windows that were closed in front of me. At last, I want to say that you mean a lot for me. 

Dear My Instructor Deborah,

My fingers stop writing as they don’t find words that can describe you. Really, you exceeded all of my expectations. Whenever I needed a hand day or night, I found you beside me. Your way of guiding and orchestrating the symphony of this course surprised me and this makes me hope to be like you. Can you help me to be another Deborah Healey” or it will be just a hope within me?

Dear Staff of Oregon University AEI,

Thanks so much for letting me a part of this course. I want to say that I have benefitted a lot . I have developed many skills that I don’t even expect. My writing skills, higher order thinking skills, communication skills, learning and innovation skills are among what I have touched at the end of this wonderful chance. 

Many topics were discussed and I felt I need them a lot to be a ware of this age needs. Technology that I like was the prominent feature throughout our discussion and tasks. I admired its uses and benefits for me and my students. But, I feel afraid of being tech and forget about myself as a mankind. I promise I will not be like that. I will use it involving my touches as well. 

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