Friday, January 19, 2018

Technology Day @ IUP

Thanks Dr Lara Luetkehans & Dr. LIoyd Onyett
for providing this great chance to be updated with new tools that can make a difference in our classes.

It was the whole day
From 8:30 AM - 4: 30 PM

You can find all about it here:

Here is a direct link to the agenda:

I attended (6) sessions:

Session #1
Creating Interactive Content Using H5P and EDPuzzle
Briana Keith & Misti Smith

The presenters shared 2 wonderful tools that can help teachers to create interactive content.

Session #2
Learning Visualized, Using Infographics in the Classroom
Leigh Ann Morgan

I learned many ideas about how to use infographics in teaching; e.g., introducing new topic, comparing, analyzing information, explaining complicated topics, reviewing/summarizing books, how-to-process, and more.

In addition to introducing many tools to create infographics:

Session #3
Creating Social Media Graphics with Adobe Photoshop
Thad Dachille

I learned how to edit an image using Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 to create a social media banner.

Thad shared a very great open source high-resolution imagery website.

Session #4
Wearable Technologies
Richard Bukoski, & Dr. Lloyd Onyett

In this session, I entered a magic world using Virtual Reality goggles, GoPro & 360 cameras, Google Glass, smart watches, and more.

What an amazing adventure!

Session #5
Introduction to Adobe Captivate Software
Brian Carothers

Captivate is an e-learning authoring tool. It seems a little bit complicated, but it can help teachers to create a variety of interactive content; e.g., web ages, videos, quizzes, and more.

To get started sharing ideas and communicating with others, join the Adobe eLearning Community!

Session #6
Tools & Apps for Asynchronous Delivery, Class Use and Assessments
Dr. Veronica Paz & Dr. Crystal Machado

It was a fabulous session in which the presenters shared a lot of tools that make classes more interactive.

You may find these tools valuable for your teaching!

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