Sunday, December 11, 2011

Vote for my Students' Wiki in The 2011 Edublog Awards!

 My students launched their wiki ten months ago. They wanted to serve their country and parents. After the 25th January Revolution, they came back to their school with so sad faces, but a little bit different. They were full of energy and motivation. They talked a lot about their duties towards their country and decided not to talk but do something. You don't know how happy I was when they asked me to start with them a new change in their lives. 

We created a wiki called WELCOME BACK EGYPT through which my students sent an invitation to the whole world to come back to Egypt. They have created a lot of products, e.g., essays about the most beautiful sites in Egypt, videos, podcasts, PPT presentations, glogs, brochures, Facebook group, vokis, ...etc. They expressed their feelings with the suitable tool. They trained all people around them; their friends, classmates, brothers, sisters, relatives, parents and even teachers of other subject matters. They collaborated with other students and teachers from all over the world.

They taught me how to be a person of deeds not just talks .... they changed my whole life. They succeeded to make a difference in Egypt. Many tourists promised them to come back. They also extremely improved their English language skills because they learn in an authentic environment. They were internal motivated. They like the whole experience. That's why they didn't notice that they learn not just help their country. Now, I cannot stop them. All the time they search for more and more. This is the learning when students like it. 

I feel that my students deserve the NOBEL PRIZE .... why ?

Those students live in one of the poorest Governorates in Egypt called Sohag. Instead of saying we can't because we have a lot of challenges not only facilities but also the ways of thinking, they began with themselves. They challenged all the obstacles and managed to do something for all Egyptians. Don't these students deserve to win with the BEST EDUCATIONAL WIKI in the 2011 EDUBLOG AWARDS?????

Please Vote for them!
Just Go to the following site:
Choose the category of "Best Educational Wiki".
Choose my students' Wiki "Welcome Back Egypt".
Click Vote.
Thanks for your support!!!

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