Thursday, August 12, 2010

Week 8: Online Tools Make a Revolution in my Classrooms!

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Week 8 was the most exciting and valuable for me. We were introduced to many online tools by which I can create my own world. I spent more time and effort exploring these tools, trying them out, and creating some resources that can make a revolution in my classrooms. I think that my students are lucky to have such array of exercises. They can use them anytime and anywhere according to their pace of learning. They can also create their own exercises so that they can be more autonomous and creative. 

Through exploring these tools, I’ve found myself more able to manage everything in my job of teaching. I can provide students with all circumstances that lead to more enjoyable learning. I can create a new environment in which I and my students enjoy practicing our new roles as autonomous learners. 

During this week, I’ve created a collection of exercises using some of the tools provided by Deborah. You can share this collection with me on our wiki page: Among tools I’ve used during this week are: Word Search Maker, Xword Puzzle Generator, Easy Test Maker, Certificate Maker and Hot Potatoes Program. I liked Hot Potatoes program very much as it includes many potentials in one place. 

All these tools will not just make a change but a revolution in my classrooms. I think, they will save my time and effort to accomplish all the loads of teaching. Also, they will add some pleasure and creativity inside students while learning. They worth a try. Even I have some problems in using them at the beginning, step by step I will be an expert teacher. To create materials that are available anytime and anywhere for me, other teachers and students is a very great victory. 

Thanks so much my dear instructor Deborah for providing me with such precious tools that can help me to be a creative teacher.

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