Thursday, July 1, 2010

Week 2: Writing Objectives Seems Easy ….. But BE Careful!

Although I’m not very bad at writing objectives as I did many of them in every lesson, I spent a lot of time to do this task. It seems not difficult, but for two days I’ve continued to read and reread the resources provided by Deborah and search on the web to get a thorough idea about learning objectives and how to write them.

I also read my colleagues’ posts and comments. Actually, they were very helpful for me. One more thing is that my dear instructor Deborah is available all the time giving a hand and supporting all of us to be on the right track. Her comments helped me a lot before writing my own objectives. At last, I did them, but I don’t know If they are right or not. I’m waiting for my instructor and colleagues’ comments.

This task provides me a very wonderful chance to be an expert at writing learning objectives. Before this course, I was utilizing another model for writing objectives that is the SMART Model. Of course you know it. SMART is the abbreviation of 5 key words:

S pecific
M easureable
A ttainable
R elevant
T ime-limited

Although I like very much searching on the web, I uses this model as there are no any alternatives. But this meat week explodes a surprise for me. There are many models for writing objectives. One of these models is the ABCD’s. It is very applicable for me because I can determine the behavior of students clearly. The condition under which the learners will accomplish their tasks is
mentioned. The degree of mastery is also determined as we know the power of an objective increases when we tell the learners HOW WELL the behavior must be done.

Any way I benefited a great deal in this week that is why I called it a meat one. I exerted more time and effort to accomplish its tasks but I’m so happy to know new things that I didn’t know before.

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  1. Hello, Azhar!
    First of all thank you one more time for having a look at my own objectives. Almost like you, I spent some time working out the models on writing the objectives. I found this week task very helpful for us, teachers as we go into the classroom with certain goal to reach by the end of the lesson. Your post is beneficial in terms that it outlines the basic rules for writing objectives, it is in laconic way, and more important with your own reflection on the process. So, for me it was one more time useful to go through the reading and get the main points.

    I was familiar with SMART criteria. However, we used to write goals and not objectives.
    Good and useful post

    Liliya Kim