Thursday, June 11, 2015

2 Events on Creativity for FREE: June 17 & 24, 2015

How it would go if I were a creative teacher? Is it an easy job to start learning creativity? What tools should I have to bring creativity into my classrooms? A lot of questions like that come out when opening discussions around this term. Today, I have found 2 free online opportunities that can help teachers to discover some new ways to improve and foster creativity in them or their students ...  

1. Creating Creative Teachers 

Wednesday 17 June
16.00 UK time
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This webinar will explore teacher creativity by focusing on developing teachers' creative thinking skills to allow them, in turn, to do a great job with their students. 

2. Creativity in teaching and learning: what, why, how?

Wednesday 24 June
18.00-20.00 UK time
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Would you like to introduce more creativity into your classroom? This event will launch the British Council's new publication "Creativity in the English language classroom." Marisa Constantinides will present an interactive session "creative teaching, creative learning", demonstrating a number of language activities encouraging different aspects of creative thinking singly and in combination.

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