Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cool FREE Site 4 Creating Cool Logos

I'm working on a new blog for my students. I'd prefer to build it from scratch. That's why I search for some tools and codes to add more features and touches. I always choose free and  simple tools, so students can use them easily without any problems. Cool Text is one of these tools that helped me create a simple, but an impressive logo. It is a FREE graphics generator for web pages and anywhere else you need a logo without a lot of design work. 

Please follow these simple steps below to create your first logo: 

1. Choose the image you would like to use:

2. Fill out the form modifying the colors, fonts, text-size, shadow, image size, alignment, and file format. 

3. Click "Create Logo" and you will have your own image created in seconds. 

4. Then,download your image immediately because the generated image will normally only be kept for an hour. You can also share your image via E-mail, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. 

5. You can get the HTML code for the image and embed it in your bog or website.


Here are some examples:

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