Friday, May 10, 2013

Prezi: Bring your Presentation to Life

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Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software with a zoomable canvas that allows you to create visually captivating presentations that lead your audience down a path of discovery. It is a virtual whiteboard that transforms presentations from monologues into conversations: enabling people to see, understand, and remember ideas. With a few clicks, you can bring life to your presentations adding text, images, videos, background music, files (pdf, ppt, pptx), diagrams, symbols, links, and choosing a lively template. You can zoom in and out to attract attention and inspire your audience. You can share your Prezis with your friends to edit as a collaborative work or let the conversations go using the comment box. You can present online or download a portable version to use it offline. I think that Prezi can add a different taste to your presentations. Students will like because it addresses most of their learning styles and helps to extend their attention span.

Get Help:

Thanks to my friend +Sara Rodríguez Arias, I share with you a series of webinars I found in the Prezi website about how to get started and create your own Prezis. 
Beginner Course: From First Steps to First Show

This two-hour session split over two days is for everyone that wants to learn how to create and show a Prezi.
  • May 14, 10:30 -11:30 AM PST
  • May 15, 10:30 -11:30 AM PST
  • You can use the World Clock Converter to know the time of the webinar in your country.

You can register now! 

Here is one of their recorded webinars:

I'm thinking about using Prezi with my students in the next semester. This means I have to know all about it and its potential in my classes. I hope these two sessions would be of a great help. 

See you there!

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