Saturday, June 26, 2010

Week 1: My Objectives ..... Achieved or Not?

I don’t believe that the first week is about to finish. Through these days, I gained huge experiences and achieved many objectives. As any lesson from the very beginning of this course, I set some objectives; cognitive, psychomotor, and affective. Here are my objectives:

By the end of the first week, I’ll be able to :

  • Identify what is behind the interactive web and its tools (I mean a theoretical background about our course “Building Teaching Skills through the Interactive Web”).
  • Write and express my ideas and thoughts freely.
  • Read, analyze and evaluate other viewpoints.
  • Work collaboratively to accomplish tasks. 
  • Help and respect others.

Thanks to Deborah and my wonderful coursemates, I've achieved all these objectives. The process moves easily and smoothly. 

For the Cognitive Objectives:

Through reading the additional resources about blogging provided by Deborah, googling and yahooing the term and my colleagues' thoughts, I got a good theoretical background about blogging as an interactive web tool.

For the Psychomotor Objectives:

The discussion board and blog helped me a great deal to improve my higher order thinking skills and writing fluency. I have not read my colleagues' thoughts, but also I've analyzed and evaluated them. Then I've created my own. By doing this three types of thinking have improved: analytical, critical and creative.

For Affective Objectives:

I think that this online course with its ground rules provided a safe and encouraging atmosphere where we worked collaboratively and helped each other in order to achieve the tasks of the first week.

Now, I'm so happy to achieve my objectives. Let me ask you my dear coursemates: Have you achieved your objectives? If so, what are these objectives you wanted to achieve through the first week?

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