Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Week 1: Towards A New Experience

I’m so happy and excited to be one of this course members. Actually, I thank Deborah and all people who are responsible for conducting such online learning experience. It is not my first time to convey my ideas and thoughts through online spaces. I’m already a member of an Egyptian discussion board called “Developing the Egyptian Education”. Here is its address: However, this online discussion is a little bit different. It includes many people with one goal and many minds thinking about one world “Teaching English”. All of us pour our ideas and imaginations in one pot that’s how to improve our teaching skills in order to produce independent and creative students.

Through reading the posts of all members, I noticed that they have great experiences and creative ideas about learning and teaching English. I’m not joking If I say that I have 250 years now (I just add all the experience years of all members). So, I’m sure this course will be beneficial for me.

And now let’s start blogging!
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