Sunday, January 28, 2018

Icebreaker Activities

It was the first day at Indiana High School.

Students were excited to meet a teacher from
a different country. 

They designed a poster about Egypt and
prepared 47 questions for me to answer. 

To introduce myself,
I designed 2 activities with the help of
their teacher
Mrs. Lori Dadson.

Class Level:
  • The students have mild to severe disabilities.
Activity 1:


By the end of this activity, the students will be able to:
  • introduce themselves
  • write simple sentences
  • share their ideas 
Materials Needed:
  • Smart/White Board
  • Blank Sheets
  • Markers
  1. I wrote something about me on the smart board using different colors and drawings.
  2. Then, I asked the students to create their own posters following the model I provided.
  3. I gave them 5 minute.
  4. Once they finished, I encouraged them to come to the front and introduce themselves in public.

Here is my model!

Here are some of their products!

Activity 2:


By the end of this activity, the students will be able to:
  • learn new words
  • ask and answer questions
  • talk about others' cultures
Materials Needed:
  • Word Cloud
    Questions Sheets


Before the class:
  1. Mrs. Dadson sent me the questions that her students would like to ask me.
  2. I created a word cloud (using this website) in which I put all the answers for their questions.
  3. I asked Mrs. Dadson to print 6 copies for each.

In the class:
  1. I asked the students to work in groups and find the right answers to the questions they would like to ask me.
  2. I gave them 10 minutes to complete this task.
  3. I, Mrs. Dadson, and other awesome teachers monitored their discussions and offered help when needed.
  4. Once they finished, I asked each group to choose a speaker to share what they found about me.
Students' Questions

Here is the Word Cloud!

After conducting these two activities,

I found that to engage students in their learning and bring the best in them, they just need a chance to use their creativity and think outside the box by asking open questions that are related to their own lives, interests, and things they love.

Believe in them
and let them believe in themselves!

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