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3 FREE e-courses 4 building mobile Apps

Retrieved Jan.7, 2014
My school is not technologically equipped. And not all of my students have PCs or laptops, however, all of them have mobile phones. I just want to make use of what they have to develop their creativity and create an engaging atmosphere for enjoyable learning. In short, I want to bring life into my traditional classrooms. There are a lot of apps that I can download for free, but this is not my ultimate goal. I want to build my own apps that suit my students' needs and levels. That's why I decided to search for some online courses that can help me to achieve my goals. I'd love to share them with +Clara Cordero Balcázar  and other friends who are interested in the same area:


The full experience starts January 2014
For approx. 1 month
(work at your own pace)


In this course, you will learn how to build web experiences that adapt to the different screen sizes and capabilities that mobile devices offer, and how to scalably optimize media for mobile and desktop. We will cover programming touch interaction, as well as how to optimize form field input for mobile devices and use APIs like geolocation and the accelerometer, and ensuring your web experiences work great when network conditions are sub-optimal. Finally, you’ll gain the tools to investigate performance in mobile applications, with a strong understanding of mobile networking, battery usage patterns and optimizing paint techniques to build smooth animations on mobile.



The full experience starts January 21, 2014
For 8 weeks 



This course will cover the fundamental programming principles, software architecture and user experience considerations underlying handheld software applications and their development environments. To bring these concepts alive, the course will involve in-­‐depth, hands-­‐on examples, implemented in the Android Platform, the fastest growing segment of the handheld system user base. Students will apply these teachings, also using the Android Platform, in laboratory projects and in a large-­‐scale semester project. 

Begin Programming: Build your First Mobile Game




The full experience starts February 24, 2014
For 7 weeks 



Whether you’re a complete newcomer to programming, or have some basic skills, this course provides a challenging but fun way to start programming in Java. Over seven weeks you will be introduced to the basic constructs that are used in many programming languages and help you to put this knowledge into practice by changing the game code you will be  provided. You’ll have the freedom to create a game that’s unique to you, with support from the community and educators if you get stuck. You’ll learn how to create algorithms to solve problems and translate these into code, using the same tools as industry professionals worldwide.

If you know about other courses dealing with the same area, please share them with us here. I hope these offerings would be helpful in our new learning journey of building mobile apps.

  1. Udacity: https://www.udacity.com/course/cs256
  2. Coursera: https://www.coursera.org/course/android
  3. FutureLearn: https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/begin-programming-2014

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