Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Power Searching with Google

Google is always my first tool to search for information images, books, blogs, news, videos and more. I tried other search engines like bing, ask, altavista and others, but I don't like using them. Last summer on July 10-19, 2012, I attended one of Google online courses titled "Power Searching with Google". It was an amazing course in which thousands of people work together to watch videos, explore new tricks and solve challenges. I learned about many hidden features that I have never heard about them before. Using such features and tricks, search has become easier and quicker. At the end of these 10 days, we received an e- certificate of participation and completion. This short course was offered again in Sept. 2012 to help people be more efficient searchers and save their time.

Another chance to join Google online courses!

Google launches the Advanced Power Searching second course on January 23, 2013 to sharpen users' research skills and strengthen their use of advanced Google search techniques to answer complex questions. Throughout this course users will also:
  • Take their search strategies to a new level with sophisticated, independent search challenges.
  • Join a community of Advanced Searchers working together to solve search challenges.
  • Pose questions to Google search experts live in Hangouts and through a course forum.
  • Receive an Advanced Power Searching certificate upon completion.
I'm looking forward to learn more and more with Google!
If you are interested in improving your search skills, please join us and see the difference!

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