Monday, November 19, 2012

DNLE #4: Learning Classification Chart using Bloom's Taxonomy

Assignment # 4:

Using Bloom’s Taxonomy (the original or an updated version, or Bloom's Digital Taxonomy),  find and indicate 1 existing educational technology for addressing each level of learning.

ABCD Model of Writing Objectives:

If we examine this objective carefully, we will find it follows the ABCD model that helps teachers write their learning objectives more easily. This model consists of 4 elements. The objective does not have to be written in this order (ABCD), but it should contain all of these elements.
Audience ... DNLE-ers
Behavior ... Find and indicate
Condition ... Using Bloom’s Taxonomy
Degree ... (1) existing educational technology

Tool Used to Complete this Assignment:
In the previous 3 assignments, I used text and some images to convey what in my mind. Unfortunately, I'm a little bit wordy and my previous reports were so long to read and follow. That's why I decided to use a tool that helps me to use a few words and more images and links. Mindomo is the name of this great tool. It is an online mind map software where users can create, view and share mind maps in their browser. Mindomo is offering the basic services for free, while charging for advanced features. Unregistered users can view the mind maps, while registered users are permitted to create and share mind maps. The free version limits the number of private maps to three and disables some special features like spell checking (from Wikipedia). Here is a link to a video that helps you create your first mind map.

Link to Assignment #4 Mind Map:
In case you can't open my mind map by clicking the image above, kindly follow this link: Bloomin' Classrooms Digitally

How to Navigate my Mind Map:
  • Click this link.
  • You can control the map by using the buttons available on the following screenshot:

alt text
  1. To make it smaller
  2. To make it bigger
  3. To know more info, and extract it to pdf file or image
  4. To find the HTML code in case you want to embed the mind map into your website, wiki, blog ... etc.
  5. To search for specific information in the mind map.

  • You can move the mind map by dragging.
  • There are 3 main symbols to know more hidden information about the suggested tools:

alt text

  1. Notes box to know more info about the sub-topics. Just move the mouse over it and a window will appear including this piece of info.
  2. It refers to the resource link.
  3. Click (+) sign to expand and view the verbs, tech activities and tools that match each level.

Resources Used:

  1. ToolMindomo
  2. VideoMindomo Sample
  3. About Mindomo
  4. A Bloomin Digital Classroom
  5. Bloom's Digital Taxonomy and Web 2 Tools
  6. Bloom's Taxonomy Blooms Digitally
  7. Bloom's Digital Taxonomy
  8. Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Wheel and Knowledge Dimension
  9. Bloom’s Taxonomy: Bloomin’ Peacock
  10. Bloom's Digital Taxonomy - Wikispaces
  11. Bloom's Digital Taxonomy by Andrew Churches
  12. ThinkWell - LearnWell Diagram
  13. Visual Bloom's
  14. Web 2.0 Tools Based on Bloom's Digital Taxonomy

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