Monday, July 5, 2010

Week 2: Tips or Tricks!

I’ll begin this post with a situation took place 6 years ago. Of course, you know as a researcher I need to visit all libraries available in my country to check their references and resources. This is not an easy job, because I had to visit 29 governorates to do this. One day my supervisor told me that I could do my MA by just a click. At first, I didn’t believe him as I need many studies done in the same context (I mean Egypt where I live). I traveled to all these governorates to collect all what I need to accomplish this task. Also, I used the internet to download some books and full-text studies. After all these sufferings for 3 years, I’ve finished my MA. A very wonderful project which has recently started all over my country makes me change my mind. It is the project of digital and automation libraries. This means that I can get all studies I need by just a click. Then, I remember my supervisor’s idea. Yes, He was right.

From this moment, I decided to explore the world of the internet and identify its tricks. There was a pressing question all the time I thought about. How can I get anything without pain? without wasting time and effort? To be honest, I used Google to answer this question. It was my friend. Any way, I found many tricks that we should use when surfing the internet. Most of these tricks were discussed by my colleagues and provided by our dear instructor Deborah. Actually, I’m familiar with all discussed on the Nicenet Board. Using (+), (-), (‘ ’), Wildcard Symbols (*, ?), Boolean operators (and, or, not), file types (Determining the file type you want: pdf, doc, ppt) & inurl search syntax (searching for words within the URL) will save time and effort and helps to find more suitable and satisfactory results.

Thanks my dear instructor Deborah and my colleagues for all your tips. Actually, we badly need every trick to deal with such age of technology and knowledge explosion.

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